Light, Atoms and Mathematics

These are exciting times for the scientific community. Biotechnology and nanotechnology are forcing various diverse communities to break down traditional boundaries between them. Such a fundamental paradigm shift implies that new ways of research and education methodologies have to be found. Implicit is the promise of fundamental and significant new results with the cross-pollination of ideas and concepts. 

Our Vision:


  • Develop and bridge the systems area with that of basic sciences, in particular with physics and biology at the small scale. 
  • Development of fundamental research in systems area., that is, significantly aided by  unique perspectives gained by the NDSL team from its interdisciplinary nature.

Image Gallery


  • High density data storage solution: New collaboration with IBM Zurich
  • Non-contact static Mode Microscopy: Featured in Nature
  • Detection of probe-loss in AFM: Reliability measure of AFM imaging: Applied for patent
  • Transient Detection of sample feature: Patent Awarded

nature Vol 437|22 September 2005





NDSL is always looking for new opportunities to further its vision of fundamental systems research in relation to basic sciences.


The students graduating from this lab obtain a unique training in dealing with the mathematical rigor of the systems area together with the excitement of being at the forefront of the state of the art in specific experimental basic science research.


NDSL houses a state-of-the art nano-interrogation and manipulation facility.

  • Optical Tweezer (Built in-house 2004)
  • MFD 3D Atomic Force Microscope (2003)
  • Multimode Scanning Probe Microscope (Sponsored, 1998)


The benefits of the interdisciplinary focus is evident in the results of NDSL in the scanning probe microscopy (SPM) applications. SPM community traditionally was primarily populated by physicists. NDSL was a pioneer in introducing Systems concepts into this area.

Other  High Performance Instruments
  • FPGA development system
  • High speed data acq system
  • Network Analyzer
  • Nikon inverted microscope
  • Control System Anlyzer

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